The anatomy of travel

God has created human being, the universe and different things; these are divided into living and non living things. Each and every thing is created only for the benefit of humans. God also says that “travel the universe” to know about everything. Because traveling is only the way to know about anything placed in any side of the world.

The term “travel” may originate from the old French and word travail. We still use the words travail and travails in English which means struggle. Throughout the middle Ages, when Europe’s roads are little, vehicles supported by wheels are used to transfer goods from one place to another; there came some changes in 17th century when they start constructing the vast roads, science start improving in the technology of transport. To travel any palace or to transfer some things from one place to other supporting things are very important. Transport is one of the main supporting machines to travel or transferring from one place to more info

Why do people travel?

This is very important question. There are many reasons of traveling. In whole life we should have to travel in both agree and disagree cases. Some time we needs to attend the marriage ceremony of a friend living in another country, at this time we becomes very happy because it is very good event to meet new peoples and our best friends, but rarely we also have to travel in bad condition also for example if some ones friend got accident in another city and he died then in this situation he needs to go there but he is not happy at the moment.

There are many other reasons of traveling, which include re creation, tourism relaxation, discovery and exploration. Authorities emphasize the importance of taking precautions to ensure a pleasant and good travel safety. Traveling abroad is not an easy job. It might takes minutes, hours, days or months. One can be subject to difficulties, crime and violence. Some safety pre cautions are very important to travel such a long journey. He or she must a source of contact to inform the others about his journey. First aid is also necessary in case of any emergency or any violence. Another important thing is insurance of automobile. It is also very necessary to check the insurance policy also. There are many cases of insurance. Many insurance company of foreign country don not allow other countries insurance policy. If you want to move to Europe from Asia first you need to check the insurance policy otherwise you may face a lot of problems in new country. Traveling has many benefits also.

It creates new relationship with new peoples belonging to different cast and culture. It gives you opportunity to learn new different things like gaming, snow boarding, etc. When I recently traveled to New York I learned how to to play pc games and also purchased a best gaming mouse from there.

You could lean different languages. If someone wants to learn any language he must visit to the respective country, travel gives you adventure, perspective and good chances of education. Your dreams come to true, you can prove yourself, you can know about the culture and environment of a country.

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